Thursday, April 23, 2015

Poetry #6 April 23 - Logan Poetry Map

Hello poets!

Check out this website for the Denver Poetry Map to see what different poets have written around Denver.

Our goal is to create a Logan Poetry Map with our own poems. While we will not be linking it up to a website or app, we will make a map and post the poems up in or near the areas we choose. 

Your assignment is to create poems to be placed in at least two places around the Logan campus. We will revise, edit and publish them next week. Then we will put them around campus and make a map to be shared.

Please post the two (or more) poems, you plan to use, in your bogs and link up in the comments below. 

1. Please read your poem outloud twice to make sure the words, line breaks and punctuation give it the rhythm and feel you want, before finalizing your post.
2. Please give specific comments back to five classmates

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