Saturday, August 30, 2014

Welcome! First Book Blog Due Tuesday September 2, 2014

Hello Max and Kam's class!

This is the blog where we will "link up" each week to share our reading blogs about the books we are reading. It is our hope that by sharing and reading these blogs, everyone will be exposed to books that will pique their interest, invite them to new reading genres, and create exciting discussion about books (both online and in person).  Each week, there will be a new post for reading and once you have written you blog post, link up to it in the comments. Later, we will start sharing some of our writing and potentially other assignments via your blogs. If you have ideas of ways to make this work better for you or the class, please share them.

Here is the assignment for this week (Due by Tuesday September 8th)
  1. Write a blog about a book you read this summer. Include:
    1. Title, Author and Genre
    2. A little info about the plot without giving it all away
    3. You opinion about the book and why
    4. Any warnings about mature topics/language
    5. Check and edit your post for clarity, spelling and grammar.
    6. A TBR (To Be Read) List of at least five books you have not read yet.
    7. Publish your post to your blog.
  2. Link your blog in the comments section of this post. (See below for help and/or ask for help from a classmate or teacher)
  3. Read and comment on at least five of your classmate's blogs from this week. Remember to post your comments about their posts on their blog, not the class blog.

How to create a link to your blog in your comment!
1. Copy and paste the line below into the comments section
   <a href="url">text</a>

2. Copy the url from the post on your blog and paste it into the "url" part below. Leave the quotation marks.
3. Write what you want the hyperlink to say on the part that says "text". Do not put in quotation marks
4. Post your link and then see if it works.
5. Try again, with assistance, if needed.