Friday, February 27, 2015

SOLSC March 1st - Starting Strong

Welcome to Max and Kam's Class Blog! We are a group of 6th-8th grade students at The Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver, Colorado. Logan is a K-8 independent school that has an emphasis on individual units and experiential learning. You can check out the school's website at

This is the second year we are participating in the SOLSC. Last year, nine of twenty-three students in the class wrote and linked up each day in March with all students linking up at least 25/31 days! We will see what this year holds in store.

We are looking forward to hearing your comments on our blogs and reading what students, teachers and writers from around the world write as well. Welcome and enjoy!

Max and Kam enjoying being with the class at Fenway Park last spring!
Max and Kam

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p.s. Please check out Linda and Jonathan's SOLSC blog as well. They are the 6-8th grade class next door, and Linda got us blogging in the first place!