Friday, December 5, 2014

Week of 12/1/14 Update

        This is the second weekly update written by Max VS. and Nate H. about how Max and Kam's class 2014-2015 is doing!

  New Assignments: This week we had a few new assignments. One of them was the math-science challenge, where we had to create a working tool that makes life more fair. There were many interesting ideas that came out of this assignment. Another assignment was the Kandinsky water colors, which challenged us to create a water color picture with a new style. This style was emotion through colors. On Friday morning we talked about ideas for community service projects in the coming months. Lots of good ideas came up.   

        News: Thea is now a part of Max's class this year! Everyone is very excited for her to join our class for the rest of the year. Two book groups had their last meetings this week, which were the Lord of the Flies book group and The Hobbit book group. As two of them ended, one of them started: Kindred.

Thea, our new classmate.

We appreciate you reading our second weekly class update!

        -Max VS. and Nate H. 
Nate and Max working on their watercolors

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