Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 2 Book Blog (9/9)

Great start to the year everyone! I'm impressed with everything you have started working on. Some of those things include: Creating a blog for the weekly books you read and linking up on this blog, creating and performing scientific experiments testing limits of the human body, researching ideas for your individual units, sketching your first specimen, starting short stories, contributing to your book group discussions, and helping to create a fun, social atmosphere in class and around the school!  Nice work!  This week, we should be getting our trip packets for our trip to Goblin Valley State Park in Utah!

For you book blog this week, please include:
- Title (italicized), Author, and Genre
- A picture of the title (ask for help if you don't know how to do this)
- Summary of the book (Or what you have read so far if you're reading a two-weeker)
- Personal thoughts on the book
- Content Warnings (if necessary)
- List of the next three books you want to read
- One book you added to your TBR last week and who recommended it (Linda or another blogger)
- Make 5 comments on your classmates' blogs (five new people)

Cake Brag Picture: Here's a picture of the cake I made for
Clara's 4th birthday this summer. But I'm also showing that
it's possible to put a picture in a blog.